Any image. Any workflow. Anywhere.



FlexView is currently in private Beta and will be available to purchase by the general public in 2023. 

FlexView Clinical

FlexView Diagnostic

FlexView Diagnostic is currently in development and we are expecting it to be available to purchase by the general public in 2024.

FlexView is Flexible

Can morph to fit any workflow

Add new tools without changing core

FlexView is Cloud-Ready

Friction-free access to your cloud DICOM files

  • Load images fast with custom image loaders
  • Zero latency interactive experience via client-side rendering

Cloud storage providers

FlexView is AI-Ready

Visualize your AI results

  • Supports any AI workflow through modes and extensions
  • Annotation roundtrip via standards-based data exchange

FlexView is in the NVIDIA Inception Program

Our upcoming integration with MONAI will unlock AI capabilities

Based on Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF)

FlexView in the News

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