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FlexView is for investigational use only. 

FlexView Clinical

FlexView Diagnostic

FlexView Diagnostic has been submitted to the FDA for approval for diagnostic use and we are expecting it to be available to purchase by the general public in 2024.


FlexView is Flexible

View any image from anywhere

  • Use FlexView in your browser without downloading any software
  • Modes transform the viewer to show a pre-defined layout and set of tools relevant to specific workflows, improving your focus
  • Basic Viewer and PET/CT (SUV) Modes are available out-of-the-box

FlexView is Cloud-Ready

Friction-free access to your cloud DICOM files

  • Load images fast with custom image loaders
  • Zero latency interactive experience via client-side rendering

Cloud storage providers

FlexView is Based on OHIF

A managed hosted online DICOM viewer

  • Use immediately without any need for programmers or IT professionals
  • Has passed an independent 3rd party penetration test
  • Offers a subscription model, providing continuous updates and customer support with a pay-as-you-go cost model
  • HIPAA-compliant

FlexView is Dynamic

FlexView adds to OHIF’s extensibility model by introducing the ability to deploy plugins at runtime. This is crucial to enable the addition of new features dynamically, such as AI-based tools, without causing disruptions or system down-time.

FlexView's Partners

Agora Care
DeepLook Medical
DeepLook Medical

Integrate FlexView

Add FlexView as the DICOM viewer in your platform

FlexView is ready to integrate into any system that needs to present medical images to users for them to interact with, and it can be customized to fit your workflow, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Medicai and FlexView

"At Medicai, we are constantly striving to enhance the capabilities of our cloud-based infrastructure. The integration of FlexView marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools for the modern healthcare professional. FlexView introduces a level of extensibility that aligns seamlessly with our modular approach. The ability to deploy plugins at runtime allows us to dynamically add new features without disruptions or system downtime. This integration not only enhances the viewing experience, but also streamlines collaboration and data management for healthcare professionals across the globe, offering an all-in-one, industry-leading medical imaging infrastructure and viewer solution. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration unlocks for our users and the broader healthcare community." 


Mircea Popa, CEO, Medicai

"We are thrilled to integrate FlexView inside our platform and benefit from its wide range of analysis features that are not available in our standard viewer. FlexView provides a highly valuable extension to our platform that allows healthcare professionals to have an enhanced version of our platform allowing interpretation and analysis of images in their clinical practice." 

Agora Care

Pr. Osman Ratib, CEO, Agora Care

FlexView in Agora Care
arcc and FlexView

"At Apollo we are experts in multi-disciplinary medical imaging and clinical workflow solutions. We have a long history with Radical Imaging as we have used the OHIF viewer to meet our DICOM viewing needs. We are thrilled to take our trusting relationship to the next level with the integration of FlexView into arcc®, our multi-disciplinary medical imaging platform. Apollo plans to leverage the capabilities of FlexView for DICOM now, and in other specialties as Radical Imaging expands its capabilities in the future. We look forward to working with Radical Imaging as we redefine what enterprise imaging should be." 


Mark Newburger, CEO, Apollo Enterprise Imaging

FlexView is in the NVIDIA Inception Program

Our upcoming integration with MONAI will unlock AI capabilities

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