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Add new features to FlexView, dynamically.

DeepLook Medical's DL Precise

FlexView is Dynamic

FlexView adds to OHIF’s extensibility model by introducing the ability to deploy plugins at runtime. This is crucial to enable the addition of new features dynamically, such as AI-based tools, without causing disruptions or system down-time.

DL Precise™ Extension for FlexView

Add DeepLook Medical's FDA-cleared DL Precise application to FlexView

DL Precise is a plugin that is deployed at runtime in FlexView, enabling one-click segmentation and measurement of masses in medical images.

DeepLook Medical
DeepLook Medical's DL Precise Shape Recognition Technology

Shape Recognition

DeepLook Medical's DL Precise Segmentation and Measurement Technology

Segmentation and Measurement

DeepLook Medical's DL Precise Color Contrast Technology

Color Contrast

DL Precise™

Advanced Image Augmentation Technology

  • FDA-cleared DL Precise can be used across multiple imaging modalities (Ultrasound, Mammography, CT, MRI) 
  • It consistently delineates lesion morphology – even in dense tissue -- with vivid color, powered by DeepLook’s patented shape-recognition technology 
  • DL Precise data goes beyond the range of human vision, thereby improving clinician workflow and decision-making
  • The combination of DL Precise and customers’ interfaces usher in a new era in oncological diagnosis and treatment 
  • Implementation is quick and easy – the DL Precise application can be purchased and downloaded to any Windows-based workstation and used with FlexView

"We are proud to collaborate with Radical Imaging, a company dedicated to addressing the foremost challenges in medical imaging. Empowering medical professionals with essential tools for swift and informed decision-making, and dismantling barriers to access important data for oncology patients, are vital steps toward enhancing health outcomes." 

Agora Care

Marissa Fayer, CEO, DeepLook Medical

Based on Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF)

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