Solutions for Digital Pathology

An overview of FlexView's features designed for digital pathology. Load large files from the cloud at lightning speed.

Microscopy Mode

View and annotate digital microscopy images

Microscopy mode supports Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) and provides the tools needed to efficiently view and annotate digital microscopy images.

Microscopy Mode
Digital Pathology Tools

Digital Pathology Tools

See only the tools you need

Microscopy mode is equipped with a set of tools for annotation and defining regions of interest that are relevant to a digital pathology workflow, improving your focus.

Tile-Based Rendering

Zoom and pan to adjust image position

Microscopy Mode Zoom

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Study List

Sort, filter, search, and access studies in your account

The first page that displays when FlexView is loaded is the Study Browser. In this page you can explore all the studies in the Study List.

FlexView Study List
Pathology Measurement Panel

Measurement Panel

Keeps track of your measurements

A consolidated view of all measurements collected across all loaded studies. Allows for easy navigation to the related image and measurement by clicking in the table. Measurements can be exported as CSV or DICOM Structured Report (SR).

Study Panel

Navigate studies related to the current patient

  1. Primary: The study that the user opened from the study list. This study is always expanded by default.

  2. Priors: Two studies prior to the date of Primary for same patient.

  3. All: All studies available for the patient contained within the source repository.

Study Panel Microscopy

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