FlexView Diagnostic's Features

An overview of the study list, tools, study panel, and measurement panel that are available out-of-the-box in FlexView Diagnostic.

FlexView Diagnostic is a FDA 510(k) cleared viewer for diagnostic use.

FlexView Diagnostic is a software application used for reference and diagnostic viewing and analysis of multi-modality medical imaging and non-imaging data (e.g., video information) with associated reports and information. FlexView Diagnostic enables qualified healthcare professionals, including (but not limited to) physicians, surgeons, nurses, and administrators to receive and view patient images, documents and data. FlexView Diagnostic allows qualified users to perform simple and complex image manipulations (including window/level, markups, 3D visualization) and measurements.

Not intended for primary diagnosis of mammographic images.

Not intended for diagnostic use on mobile devices.

Study List

Explore all of the studies you have connected to your account.


The toolbar in FlexView Diagnostic displays tools related to the Diagnostic Viewer mode.

Study Panel

Available in the Diagnostic Viewer mode, this panel provides convenient access to all related studies. 

Measurement Panel

Available in the Diagnostic Viewer mode, this panel provides a tabular view of all measurements collected on the study.

FlexView Diagnostic is a DICOM viewer that supports the following image types:

DICOM images that are 1 or 8-16 bits grayscale; DICOM images that are 8 bits color; and segmentation images that are 1 bit.



Angle Tool

Measures an adjustable angle on an image.


Invert Tool

Inverts the color scale of the current image.

Rotate Right

Rotate Right Tool

Rotate an image 90 degrees clockwise.

Flip Horizontally

Flip Horizontally Tool

Flip an image 180 degrees horizontally.


Length Tool

Measure a length in any linear direction by clicking and dragging.


Window/Level Tool

Manipulate the window level and window width of a rendered image.


Zoom Tool

Click and drag the cursor on an image to adjust the magnification.


Pan Tool

Click and drag the cursor on an image to adjust the image position.


Cine Tool

Play through image frames like a movie.

Stack Scroll

Stack Scroll Tool

Linked scrolling of spatially related series.


Crosshairs Tool

Interactively drives all orthoganal views to correlate with the current cursor position.

Reference Lines

Reference Lines Tool

Shows lines in spatially related viewports to represent the planar position in the active viewport.

Image Capture

Image Capture Tool

Download a high quality image capture using common image formats (png, jpg).


Magnify Tool

Magnify a particular area of interest.

Grid Layout

Grid Layout Tool

Changes the viewport layout.


MPR Tool

Multi-planar reconstruction.


Annotation Tool

Create an annotation.

Calibration Tool

Calibration Tool

Calibrate (or override) the Pixel Spacing Attribute.

Stack Image Sync

Stack Image Sync Tool

Synchronize image scrolling in all spatially related viewports.


Probe Tool

Explore pixel values in image one point at a time.

Reset View

Reset View Tool

Reset the image to its original state before any transforms have been applied.


Bidirectional Measurement Tool

Simultaneously measure orthogonal long and short axes.

DICOM Tag Browser

DICOM Tag Browser Tool

Displays top-level DICOM tags.

Study Panel

Navigate studies related to the current patient

  1. Primary: The study that the user opened from the study list. This study is always expanded by default.

  2. Priors: Two studies prior to the date of Primary for same patient.

  3. All: All studies available for the patient contained within the source repository.

FlexView Diagnostic Study Panel
FlexView Diagnostic Measurement Panel

Measurement Panel

Keeps track of your measurements

A consolidated view of all measurements collected across all loaded studies. Allows for easy navigation to the related image and measurement by clicking in the table. Measurements can be exported as CSV or DICOM Structured Report (SR).

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